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Ways of Making a Statement through Fashion Style

In expressing a statement, fashion is sometimes used. The way people dress, they will always try to say something about their personality. One can as well use fashion for political and social purposes. For instance, you will use a uniform code to form a common identity. It can also be enforced by law that you dress uniformly, more so at a workplace. In the military, you will find that uniform is used to show their intended group of women and men.

For a demonstration of solidarity, you will find fashion used as well, more so in peace movements and social injustice campaigns. To show that you are a member of the campaign well, you will ensure that you dress according to how the members of the movement are behaving, as they can wear clothes of the same color, t-shirts or even hats. Meaning, when you participate in the campaign, you won’t need to report to a specific area or time. The freeing of Nelson Mandela was a campaign that protestants wore uniform t-shirts written Free Nelson Mandela. Here on this website, you will find out more on the things you will have in mind to make a statement.

The use of fashion can be the flag. You can identify yourself with something, just by the use of color. Therefore, color has been implemented in key areas like the sports team, sexual preference as well as nationality. For instance, during rhea social campaigns, the color is used greatly to show solidarity.

In case you want to speak a statement, then you will consider the t-shirts. In case one wanted to express their political ideologies, then the T-shirts used. The use of t-shirts have been associated with the expression of an ideology. When you click this link, you will find out more on the ideal ways to use the t-shirt to express the political ideas.

With unity, there is more strength. Therefore, it is not limited to the military where unity is expressed by the use of uniforms. The uniform can be a great tool, when you want to show to the public that you belong to a particular group. Since you want everyone to access the idea, you will do it on a small scale. Since you want to create awareness for HIV, then you will make sure that you make it simple to reach many. The ribbon around the wrist is also an indication that you are in solidarity with the cancer patients.