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Basic Facts About Fall Protection Harnesses

There are all sorts of accidents that take place in the construction industry, and one of the most common ones is falls. This is one of the reasons why the use of personal fall protection systems is a must. A fall protection harness is a key component of this kind of protection system. What you see in a fall protection harness are a group of buckles and nylon straps. They are placed in various parts of the body strategically such as around the thighs and legs, back, shoulders, and chest. On the back, you can find a D shaped ring. The ring is basically out of the way for the worker, and is strategically connected to a safety line. This line pays a vital role in keeping you safe below the ground. Fall protection harnesses are often used when a person is working on scaffolding, cutting off some dead branches in a tree, and fixing a downed power line through a telephone pole.

Most of the time, you are killed not by the fall but by halting suddenly at the bottom. Avoiding to hit the ground can be done when you make use of a fall protection harness. But then, you have to make sure that you use not just any fall protection harness that you see but one that is only of high quality. There are certain characteristics that make a fall protection harness reliable. For instance, to ensure that the fall protection harnesses are safe, they have to be OSHA certified or any job protection agency for that matter. The harness that you choose should be capable of supporting your weight. As much as possible, they should be comfortable and snugly fit on your body. Aside from the harness, you should also check the anchor and the safety line that connects to it. These elements ensure that you will never get injured or killed while taking the risk of working in these high locations.

As much as possible, the company that you choose to get your fall protection harnesses should be carefully looked into. One such example will be to make sure that the company only sells fall protection harnesses that are approved by OSHA. Make sure that everything that connects your harness to your anchor is OSHA approved.

There are a lot of types of fall protection harnesses that you can choose from. It can never be emphasized how you should only choose quality fall protection harnesses if you want to get a maximum level of fall protection. Quality harnesses can be adjusted accordingly to fit any worker. Most of the time, these harnesses can hold up to 400 pounds. Quality designs also come with stretchable materials. This enables the harness to be comfortable when worn and easy to work with. Also, you get the highest safety with them.

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