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How to Behave While Shopping in Italy

If you love shopping, then you love to touch and feel the things that you are shopping for. Even if you don’t intend to buy something, you still pick up items and examine them closely. You simply want to take a closer look at them. We also all love flipping through the pages of a magazine. While this behavior may be acceptable in your country, your Italian shopkeepers will cringe.

Italians have their own shopping conduct. If you don’t want to end up being reprimanded by Italian storekeepers, then better learn about the proper shopping conduct while in Italy.

The first thing you need to learn when shopping in Italy is to respond to being greeted upon entering a store. You will have a great shopping experience if you observe this common courtesy in their stores. And don’t assume that the seller speaks or understands your language. You don’t have to speak Italian well, but you should give your best effort to speak to storekeepers in Italian.

You should not eat or drink in Italian shops. Don’t also smoke inside. Most storekeepers will not allow you to light up in a store. If you find a store where the storekeeper smokes, then this is your license to smoke inside the shop.

Don’t shop and talk on your mobile phone at the same time. Storeowners don’t like this. When your phone rings inside the store, make sure that the call is short. It is better to do your business first and then return the call afterward.

Asking for a discount in the shops is an acceptable behavior. Asking for discounts is something that is not rude for them. Anyway, if they won’t give you one, the will simply say no.

If you go to privately owned establishments, then these are the places where you would likely get a discount. You will likely not get a discount in store chains since their prices are set corporately. Their prices already include taxes so you simply pay what you see in the tag.

Never touch fruit in a fruit stand in Italy. They would rather that you only point at the fruits that you want to buy and the storekeeper will bag it for you.

Handling inventory is something they can’t stand. You should not touch anything in their stores. In Italy, you should not flip through magazines.

If something is part of a window display, then you should not touch it as well. The storekeeper will have to loudly berate you for this.

Window displays are forbidden to be taken by customers. Most stores only have a small window space. If you disrupt it, then they will really get upset at you. You can find items in the display inside. Just ask, smile, and point.

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