Know These Vitamins that Can Help Male Fertility

Couples generally would be planning to have children one day. But unluckily for some, they may not be unable to produce no matter how much they try. In some couple, the problem lies in the fertility of the male where it could be lacking and thus needs help to enhance it. In order to increase a male’s fertility, he should work hard on having a healthy lifestyle and a good diet so that his fertility will be increased. To enhance the fertility of the male, these great sources of vitamins and some fertility foods will be discussed below briefly.

The first vitamin that we will suggest is vitamin C that is a great vitamin for fertility since it will help increase the sperm count of the man. Among the many fruits and foods where vitamin C are great in contents are in mango, oranges, kiwi, broccoli, peppers and potatoes. Thorugh the aid of this vitamin, there is a better chance of the man to increase his fertility since the sperms will be helped not to clump up and thus free flowing.

Another great vitamin to increase male fertility is vitamin E where it can aid the sperm by giving it strength in penetrating the woman’s egg, and know that this point is critical for a woman to conceive. Foods like cereal, sunflower seeds, nuts, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, peanut butter and avocados are among the great food sources of vitamin E. .

Our third great vitamin to mention is vitamin B especially B12 that will help increase the man’s fertility, and you are not limited in taking this vitamin since it does not have any side effects on the body even if taken in high doses. Sources of vitamin B12 can be found in fish, beans, egg, seafood, milk and leafy green vegetables.

Another vitamin that can help a woman gets pregnant is for a man to take arginine for that has a track record of increasing the sperm count and sperm mobility through its amino acid content. Conceiving would have a higher probability if more sperms are sent out by the male. High in arginine are coming from cheese, milk, yogurt, chicken, pork, seafood, oatmeal and nuts.

Another important vitamin for a man is zinc which is being lost as he releases his sperms, and this vitamin can help his fertility since it will help replace the lost zinc. Great sources of zinc are oysters, cashews, pine nuts, milk, cheese and oatmeal.

Do not forget that in the midst of these great sources of foods to increase a man’s fertility is both to maintain still a well-balanced diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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